Working Studio

How this started was a typical recycling process, then it struck that it could be repurposed into sculpture art forms.

A Knack for the humorous and ironical, you're guaranteed to find a few knee slappers in this body of work. 

Self discovery and many self-portraits of himself infused in sarcastic pun-tactic ways that are sure to get you laughing. 

Tackling problems inherent in "found or unusual" materials, the visual representation is a commentary on his view.

Current & Upcoming Shows

Crow Show

Sparrow Gallery

1021 R Street

Sacramento, CA 95815

Black and White Show

info to come

Map Collage Series

Mama Kim Eats

1616 Del Paso Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95815



Dive into the world of the unexpected with found and unusual art forms

"LANDSHARK" Map Collage Work

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